-We Love You, Gulliver-

The amusing stuff Gulliver has said:



Wooah, new facts you learn every day. xD


I wanna visit the Isle of Delfino (Delfino Square was my favorite map in Mario Kart Wii)! Wait, is it connected to the Animal Crossing world? How did Gulliver get there? O_O


Man, my wallet would be real sticky if cinnamon buns were currency…


Who knew, space is DARK! (Is it a reference to the Animal Crossing movie?)

I think talking to Gulliver is one of the most amusing things to do. Plus, I usually am able to get a free item after answering his question.


Free stuff is the best.

(Well, usually it is.)



Yay! Summer vacation is almost here! That means (for me at least): playing a lot of video games (ACNL!), doing nothing productive, reading, and hopefully not being a blogger who posts once every 2 years. Welp, I have no idea what this post is for…It’s not really ACNL related. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy your summer vacation 🙂

What was this post really for? Why was it posted on this ACNL blog? I don’t know. That’s why it’s tagged ‘random’. Sorry for wasting your time,



*crying* I’m a super lazy blogger. This was posted super, super, super late. LIKE SUPER LATE. Me: When did WordPress get updated? Oh, wait. Hehe… *cries* It probably got updated a long time ago…That’s how little I’ve been on.

Anyway, this post is just about the mini game you can play on the WiiU in ACNL, Desert (I almost spelled it ‘Dessert’. Yum) Island Escape. Me: How many people have already posted about this? Probably everyone except me. OH, well. I actually meant to post this in like, November of last year…But yeah, it ended up being late. Ahahaha. *cries*

♫ Dum dee dum ♪

(Ignore that awful singing)

Tadah! The Title screen:

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-Ah, Lazy Life-

Aaah…Christmas/Winter/Whatever-You-Call-It break has made me super lazy. Having no school (THERE IS STILL SCHOOL WORK THOUGH) probably makes you think, “Yay! Now you can play ACNL!”  Nope. Totally wrong. First off, my sibling used the 3ds for a period of time. Once the 3ds came back to me, I went away for a few days. And when I came back, I was too lazy to check ACNL (my conscience was bothering me the whole time XP). Hehe…My town is probably in ruin. T_T

Welp. I’ll check it soon, and you can marvel at the ruin of my town.


I’m hungry…All that food looks so tasty…



Well, this was a waste of your time.

– Gaah…A lazy blogger and person.

-Things You Might Not Have Known-

Here is a random list of stuff I didn’t know. As a note, I have the update for ACNL (ACNL: Welcome amiibo), so some of the items below might not apply for the non-updated version of ACNL.

  • You can sit on rocks… Yep
  • You can shake trees while holding tools.
  • While diving in the water, press ‘Y’ again to come back up

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-Favorite Personality-

What’s your favorite personality for villagers? I like lazy the best.  🙂